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12 September 2018 | 12:00
Plum Festival to be held in Nisporeni on Sunday
The third edition of the Plum Festival will be held on Sunday, 16 September, in Nisporeni, Radio Moldova reports.
The Plum Festival aims to initiate and establish partnerships between producers and exporters, to strengthen efforts to develop and promote the sector, as well as to identify new sales markets.

 In this context, the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment invites the plum producers from  Moldova to participate in this event.
Redactor: Rodica Mazur
Moldova 1
Today, in the talk show "Who's Coming to Us?", we will only talk about Chişinău, the biggest and most beautiful city in the country. This year, the heart and soul of the Republic of Moldova marks 582 years. On this occasion, Kătălina Rusu comes with a song dedicated to Chisinau, the city where she grew up.
Radio Moldova
She is said to have a voice without age. Artist of the People, worked as a radio reporter at Radio Moldova, presented radio and television programs. We are talking about Mariana Bahnaru, who is invited to the 30th edition of the Press Club from the studio "Tineradio" and "Children's Time" from Radio Moldova.
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