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25 June 2017 | 10:12
International Folk Festival "Nufarul Alb" takes place in Cahul
The 15th edition of the International Folk Festival "Nufarul Alb" takes place starting with June 29-July 2 in town Cahul.
This festival aims to promote the musical-choreographic folklore, the achievements of the amateur and dance groups  as well as the knowledge of the customs and traditions of other nations and establishing cooperation relations with other countries in the field of culture and spread of human values.
According to the Tourism Agency in Moldova, artists from the Republic of Moldova, Romania, Ukraine, Georgia, Macedonia, Lithuania, Montenegro, Turkey, Bulgaria will participate in the festival.
Redactor: Rodica Mazur
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The life and artistic activity of master Nicolae Botgros blended harmoniously into a new book, a monograph, signed by the journalist and performer Veta Ghimpu Munteanu. The author of the book, along with Master Nicolae Botgros, will come on Saturday, April 20 at "Who's Coming to Us?" talk show to share emotions and memories.
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The guest of this evening of the Moldova Live political talk show is the President Igor Dodon. The head of the country will be invited to refer to topics in politics. Join us at 19:55 live on TV Moldova 1.
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