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Work plan
The Boarding Council of the National Public Broadcaster  „Teleradio-Moldova” approves the work plan of the Company that comprises the financial report and the declaration of the editorial  policy of the Company” (the Audiovisual Code, art. 58 b).

  • Work plan for  2016 DOC
  • Annexes to the work plan 2016 DOC
  • Work plan for  2015 DOC
  • Annexes to the work plan 2015 DOC
  • Work plan for  2014 DOC
  • Annexes to the work plan  2014 DOC
  • Work plan for  2013 DOC
  • Annexes to the work plan   2013 DOC
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The Multimedia Department of the National Public Broadcaster “Teleradio Moldova” was created within the framework of
the Joint Program of the Council of Europe and of the European Union
“Democracy support in Moldova”