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04 February 2018 | 09:10
Iuliana Chirosca, the first hat maker from Moldova, about style, hobby and career
Iuliana Chirosca is the first hat maker in the Republic of Moldova. She was surprised by the "Good Morning" show crew in the creation process and talked about female style and elegance.
The passion for creating beautiful accessories has led the young creative to study and participate in several workshops to be good at that. The idea of making hats was a personal challenge that he hugged quickly. She says that the process of creation is productive, which brings satisfaction, especially when she sees the fruits of her work, which are appreciated by the other women.

"In order to stand out, I opted for a crafted hat that drew attention to the other women, which motivated me," Iuliana Chirosca confessed.

The creator states that hats are one of the most refined and special accessories that can be purchased. Hats are not only an extremely beautiful accessory, but also a must-have in every woman's wardrobe. We can opt for a functional hat or cocktail, which must necessarily be matched with the dress.

How quickly she learned the job and what was the advice of the specialist Iuliana Chirosca in choosing a hat, you can learn in the report made by the journalists of the show "Good Morning".
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