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21 September 2018 | 12:37
The Career Fair started in Chisinau
50 national and international companies and institutions participate in the Career Fair in Chisinau, which started today. Company representatives organize interviews, and those interested can have career counseling. The organizers say that the purpose of this project is to offer as many jobs as possible in different fields, Radio Moldova News reports.
"More than 50 companies and NGOs participate. The goal is that at the end of the day, as many young employees as possible, but also people who have experience and want to cross the threshold over thousands of candidates," said Alina Agafiţei, the Career Fair Press Officer.

Visitors argue that it is very important to organize these events, because there is a variety of choices and there are very good opportunities.

"I came to find something interesting I hope. So far I found nothing. For the most part, employers look for English speakers, and this is a problem for those who do not know it," a visitor said.

"It would be good to organize twice or three times a year, because many are dismissed, many leave, many come back to Moldova and call for jobs," another visitor said.

The Career Fair is at its 14th edition. In Romania, it has been running since 2006 and in the Republic of Moldova since 2012. The Career Fair is taking place in the Nicolae Sulac National Palace between 10:00-17:00.
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Today, in the talk show "Who's Coming to Us?", we will only talk about Chişinău, the biggest and most beautiful city in the country. This year, the heart and soul of the Republic of Moldova marks 582 years. On this occasion, Kătălina Rusu comes with a song dedicated to Chisinau, the city where she grew up.
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