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Supervisory Board
The Supervisory Board is an autonomous leading structure of the National Public Broadcaster  „Teleradio-Moldova",  aimed to assure the right of citizens and of  the society to get complete information and monitores the observation by the Company of the legal and statutory stipulations.

The Supervisory Board is made up from 9 members, public personalities with professional skills in different fields like culture, art, cinema, journalism, law, financial management and management of  trade enterprises, public relations, international relations, academic area, mass media and engineering in conformity with the  art. 56 (1)   of the Audiovisual Code. They are appointed by the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova with a mandate of 4 years.

In conformity with the art. 58 of the Audiovisual Code, the Supervisory Board has the following attributions:
  • approves the status of the company and ammendments on it ;
  • approves the work plan of the Company that comprises the financial plan and the declaration of the editorial policy of the Company;
  • assesses the performance of the Company and of its leaderhsip, and publishes annual reports and reccomendations;
  • approves the creation, reorganisation or cease of activities of subdivisions of the company, inclusively of its territorial offices;
  • organizes public meetings with representatives of different categories of public from the Republic of Moldova to carry out public reserches ;
  • confirms the position, based on contest, of  the President of the Company, Radio Director and TV Director ;
  • informs about the violation of the Audiovisual Code and other laws in force, committed by Company and submits statements of enforcement  to the President  .
The Supervisory Board develops its activity based on principles of democratic values to consolidate the stateliness of the Republic of Moldova and of integration in european structures and aims at observation of public interest, promotion and protection of  independence and diversidication of the editorial policy of the Company.

The Supervisory Board is located in city . Chişinău, str. Mioriţa 1, Casa Radio,  5th floor, of. 505.
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The Multimedia Department of the National Public Broadcaster “Teleradio Moldova” was created within the framework of
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