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About us

The National Public Broadcaster  "Teleradio-Moldova"

The National Public Broadcaster  "Teleradio-Moldova" (TRM) is the public broadcasting Radio and TV service from the Republic of Moldova. it activates in conformity with the stipulations of the Audiovisual Code and covers the whole country territory with  programs for the whole society.


  • Operative, complete and objective information of citizens on the reality from the country and abroad;
  • Assurance of the access to information based on the pluralism of opinions, impartiality and equidistance;
  • Assurance of the access to information of all categories of population, inclusively of the co-inhabiting ethnics;
  • Presentation of different events, processes, situations through the prism of the right to freedom of speech of citizens, and thus contributes to the formation of opinions in society;
  • Promotion of national values and interests of the state at international level;
  • Presentation of  internal social, political and economic events, foreign policy of the Republic of Moldova via observing the balance and pluralism of opinions;
  • Favors democratic debates, exchange of opinions among different categories of population, as well as the social integration of citizens;
  • Analysis of the performances in the field of education, culture, sport, promotion of the values of European and world civilization;
  • Cultivation of the human dignity, tolerance, public moral, civic sense, democratic values, national unity, truth, justice, taking into consideration the moral, political and religious convictions of  different categories of population;
  • Creation, multiplication and broadcast of  authentic values from the cultural patrimony of the Company and of other national and international sources;
  • Development of different programs for children, teenagers and youth.


Consequent promotion of the process of managing, organization and printing restructuring, technological modernization, continuous professional formation of the employees of TRM in conditions of loyal competition will have an impact on increasing the thematic and artistic diversity, will enhance the quality of  Radio and TV programs and of multimedia product. The capitalization of these factors will lead to the consolidation of the National Public Broadcaster s identity,  guarantor of the public interest. 


The National Public Company „Teleradio-Moldova” is aimed to produce Radio and TV programs for all segments and categories of public. This product, relevant from the aspect of adjustment to the European standards is to meet the interest and preferences of people which want to get complete, objective and equidistant information. The mission of the Public Broadcaster means the further development of the cognitive- educational and entertaining production and involves in this process local independent producers. As well, via promoting quality journalism, TRM will tend to have some of its own audiovisual productions.


The National Public Broadcaster  develops its potential of diversification and improvement of the audiovisual programs and bases its activity on the following values:

  • Corporative responsibility to the public;
  • Credibility, assurance of  relevant information, non-association with persons and groups of interest, to harm on the image of the institution;
  • Printing independence-  avoidance/rejection of the attempts of  internal and external interferences;
  • Political and social pluralism- the presentation fo different viewpoints of various social and political actors  ;
  • Equidistance to approach issues selected for broadcasting, to social, political, economic interests or others;
  • Competence, quality that assures premises of impartiality and complexity to dissect complex social phenomena;
  • Rigour, condition that meets the legislation and professional, ethical attributions;
  • Perseverance and tenacity to get final results, flawless behavior, politeness and tolerance in relations with the public;
  • Creativity as condition of performance, receptivity to new internal and external ideas.


The activity of the Company is guided by fundamental attributions of the Public Broadcaster, stipulated by the Audiovisual Code. The Company assures correct, impartial and equidistant information to consumers and observes the political balance, freedom of speech, of creation and convictions and assures the right to information of all categories of citizens of the Republic of Moldova, inclusively of national minorities. The programs of TRM promote  values of  national patrimony, achievements of culture, science, national and international civilization. The Radio and TV programs, web materials comprise the cultivation of the human dignity, tolerance, public moral, civic sense, democratic values, national unity, truth, justice, taking into account the moral, political and religious convictions of different categories of population. In its editorial policy, the Company favors democratic debates, exchanges of opinion among different categories of population, as well as the social integration of citizens of the Republic of Moldova. As public broadcaster, TRM develops cognitive and entertaining programs for children of different age, teenagers, youth and different categories of consumers.


TRM owns the exclusive right of organization and / or broadcasting of contests Eurovision and Junior Eurovision, Olympic Games, World and European Football Championships, national championships, social- political and cultural manifestations of major importance. The Company acts as informational partner in different international events, thanks to the position of active member of the European Broadcasting Union.

The National Public Broadcaster has been member of the UERT- EBU / European Broadcasting Union  since 1994, CIRCOM Regional (Association of Regional Public  Televisions from Europe) - 1998, IFTA ( International Federation of TV Archives) - 2005, URTI ( International Radio and TV Union) - 2010.
The Company has signed collaboration memorandum with DW (Deutsche Welle), cooperation agreements with  CFI (Canal France International), SRTv( Romanian Society of TV), SRR (Romanian Broadcasting Society), BNR (National Radio from Bulgaria), BNT (National Television from Bulgaria), „Перший Національний канал України” ( National Broadcaster  of Ukraine).


The Leadership of the Company is made up from the Boarding Council (BC) - 9 members, President of the Company, Director of Radio and Director of Television.
The mandate of the BC member is of 4 years, of the President of the Company and of the Directors of Radio and TV is of 5 years.



©2011 National Public Broadcaster "Teleradio-Moldova"
The Multimedia Department of the National Public Broadcaster “Teleradio Moldova” was created within the framework of
the Joint Program of the Council of Europe and of the European Union
“Democracy support in Moldova”