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27 November 2018 | 09:10
After seven months of traveling through space, the NASA InSight mission has landed on Mars. A few minutes after landing, InSight sent the official "beep" to NASA to signal that it was alive and well, including a photo of the Martian surface where it landed, CNN reports.
10 October 2018 | 17:25
Smart crossing prototype with LED lights under the road, unveiled in London
A prototype "responsive" road crossing powered by cameras, computer programming and a huge LED screen implanted into the road has been displayed for the first time.
12 August 2018 | 17:51
The Little Prince in Valea Morilor Park in Chisinau
A miniature sculpture of the Little Prince, the work of Antoine de Saint Exupery, appeared in Valea Morilor Park. Sculpture has a height of only 11 centimeters and is located on one of the balls on the fence surrounding the lake and illustrates the asteroid B 612, the planet where the character lived, reports TV Moldova 1.
01 August 2018 | 17:55
Bicycle patrolling will soon be launched in Balti and Cahul
The National Police have launched a video on the activity of the Bicycle Patrol Service. The spot was distributed on social networks by the head of the General Police Inspectorate, Alexandru Panzari, who had said that the service was fitting perfectly into the community policing activity, reports TV Moldova 1.
05 June 2018 | 21:04
An unprecedented collection of water lilies can be admired in a family household
It bloomed one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. An unprecedented collection of about 60 varieties of water lilies can be admired in Bardar, Ialoveni, in the garden of a family that grows these flowers for the time being just out of passion for beauty. The collection has been gathered from all over the world, such as the UK, the Czech Republic, Ukraine and even from Thailand, TV Moldova 1 reports.
20 May 2018 | 20:45
Unprecedented exhibition in front of Parliament
The Parliament has removed its jewels from the garage. Two vintage limousines were exposed in the square in front of the Legislative building. ZIL-41047 and GAZ-14 "Ciaika" were used by former presidents Mircea Snegur and Petru Lucinschi. Automobiles are nearing an age with the Republic of Moldova, TV Moldova 1 reports.
19 April 2018 | 09:45
What are tears and why we cry?
Tears are not identical and are distinguished by their cause and even by their chemical composition. Basal tears are present all the time and are meant to lubricate the eyes, nourish and protect the eyeball. The second type of tears is known as reflex tears, which are formed to protect the eyes from irritating agents such as wind, smoke, or onion. Finally, the third type is the one that comes after a quarrel, or after an impressive film. The tears we shed in these situations are called emotional tears, and it seems to contain more protein than the other two types, but the research is currently incomplete.
16 March 2018 | 11:20
Discover the Futuristic Library in China
The role of bookstores is bigger than selling books. The team from “Buna dimineata!” carried out a report about one of the most impressive bookstores in the world where you can feel like in a magic book universe.
09 February 2018 | 17:37
Virtual trip to Eden
From tropical rainforests of South America - to dry deserts in northern Africa - these landscapes can be contemplated by visiting the largest greenhouse in the world, called Eden. Located in the United Kingdom, it is an ensemble of gardens and tourist attractions that contain plant collections from all over the world. The journalists of the "Good Morning" show, are proposing a virtual trip to Eden.
02 January 2018 | 16:07
The first girl born in Rome in 2018 is Moldovan
The first girl born in 2018, in the capital of Italy, has parents from Moldova. The name of the baby is Bianca, Radio Moldova reports.
17 October 2017 | 15:00
The most beautiful gothic cathedrals
Gothic cathedrals are not the religious building of the ancient Goths, but rather cathedrals built in the Gothic architecture. It’s a style of architecture that developed in France out of the Romanesque style in the 12th century and was simply known as the “French Style”. Gothic architecture spread to all of Western Europe and continued to evolve until well into the 16th century, before being subsumed into Renaissance art.
01 August 2017 | 17:19
New York couple raised 11 bears
Jim and Susan Kowalczik take care of Jimmy - a 100 stone Kodiak brown bear - at their animal orphanage.
08 May 2017 | 14:45
Taiwan's oldest ways to make handmade noodles
Noodles have been around for thousands of years, but one of the oldest ways of making them is dying out, BBC reports.
04 May 2017 | 10:05
Couple Went On A 400-Day Honeymoon Around The World
For 400 days, Kaz and Mariko Yamaguchi traveled to 48 countries, and recorded the entire trip on their epic journey with a drone.
26 March 2017 | 16:00
Story of stork that returns to the same house for 40 years
It became almost a family member, and when the time comes to take off to hot countries, there is always someone to miss it. The story of stork which has returned to one and the same house for 40 years, that of the aunt Irina Stoicani in the village of Idricean, Soroca. Images can melt anyone, Moldova 1 reported.

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