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07 June 2018 | 17:02
Daughter of a Moldovan family, killed by a nanny at a kindergarten in Israel
Terrifying crime in Israel. A 14-month girl of a Moldovan family was killed in kindergarten by an educator on May 16, Mesager reports.
Recordings from the web cams showed that the nanny took the girl and forced her onto a mattress on the floor. Later, the murderer covered her with a blanket, lay down on her and looked quietly into the phone until the baby died.

 The 23-year-old suspect is a citizen of Ukraine and has a temporary residence permit in Israel. The woman was arrested and will be imprisoned. The director of the kindergarten and other 2 educators, citizens of Ukraine and Russia who lived in Israel, were detained.
Redactor: Cornelia Stefoglu
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On Wednesday, August 15, TV Moldova 2 will broadcast, from 19:00, the first match of Moldova's volleyball national in the 2019 European Championship preliminaries, where "Tricolorii" will meet the team of Montenegro at the sports complex "Futsal Arena FMF".
Radio Moldova
The right to study on non-discriminatory principles for the Roma communities in the Republic of Moldova is the topic debated today in Romano Gloss. The journalist Marin Alla invites you to a special edition starting at 20:15 at Radio Moldova. The talk show will be also broadcast online on TRM.MD.
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