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22 July 2015 | 14:00
"Focus on Nature” how many trees are in Hirjauca state protected area
Just behind the fence of the monastery in Hirjauca it begins a forest with centennial beeches. Mihai Grosu, chief of the forest, told the team of the show "Focus on Nature" of TV “Moldova 1” about the forest sector and secular trees.
The landscape of the district is a hilly region with compact areas of forest. The scenic natural area in the region of Calarasi is protected by the state, in large landscape reserves. This protected natural area of state included, ten years ago, 35 secular trees in the village of Hirjauca, 33 beeches, a field maple and an English oak.

Phage is known as a tree that can exceed 40 meters in height, with a diameter of 1.5 meters and growing from 300 to 500 years. Beech wood is white and has reddish shades, a compact structure, thus it is categorized as hardwood.

Of the 33 phages that were taken under state protection more than 40 years ago, they remained 22 trees. Because of the drought in 2007 and later, the trees dried out.

From the forest where secular trees grow, the team of the show "Focus on Nature” headed to Palanca, in the commune Hirjauca. It is well known that in this village there are several tourist routes, main destination being the Museum "Parental Home" of Tatiana Popa.

From the “Parental Home" it is expected that at the end of summer, they will be marked some trails through the forests and villages nearby, routes that can be traveled by bike. Within a project supported by the Government of Poland, it has been purchased the equipment itself - ten bikes, helmets, protective vests, pumps and other accessories necessary to provide visitors with a complete service.

Grandfather of Tatiana Popa was a ranger in early last century, and, because he was very fond of these forests, he has meant to the map every part of the forestry sector. There are maps that have been preserved until today. It proves that Moldova's central plateau was covered by forests.

For more details watch the show “Focus on Nature” on TV “Moldova 1”.

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