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22 October 2014 | 17:08
Astronomers discovered ice on Mercury
Spacecraft “Messenger”, orbiting the planet Mercury, photographed some regions that appear to be covered by ice, according to Time.
Nancy Chabot, of the Applied Physics Laboratory of Johns Hopkins University, says that the discovery is "an extraordinary news for many scientists," because few scholars imagined it could be ice on Mercury.

So far, scientists could not understand how the ice got there. It may be out of the planet's crust or have been brought by comets.

According to Nancy Chabot’s belief, that Mercury was crashed by more comets over billions of years. The amount of ice found so far is equivalent to similar quantity of Lake Ontario’s water, according descopera.ro.

Mercury is the smallest planet in our solar system and is only 57,936,384 miles from the Sun. Therefore, the surface temperature of the planet even soars to 400 degrees Celsius.

However, there is, in the north pole, deep craters permanent shaded where there is ice, as researchers have now found.

The findings confirm previous evidence indirectly suggesting the presence of frozen water on Mercury. With a powerful telescope it could be observed a high degree of reflectivity in the north pole and the Messenger’s spectrometer detected hydrogen atoms in that region.
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