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27 February 2017 | 13:59
Surprise for travellers on the route Chisinau-Iasi
On the eve of Dragobete's Day, a holiday marked on February 24, passengers of the Chisinau-Iasi railway route had an unusual journey. Officials of the Railway of Moldova (CFM) embellished wagons with balloons and passengers have received chocolates and biscuits as gift.
Moreover, following a competition organized by CFM, a couple in love has had a short holiday in Iasi.

Elena and Iurie Tomşa, along with their 3-year-old daughter, received, from the CFM’s administration, round-trip tickets on Chisinau-Iasi route and free accommodation in a hotel in the historic downtown.
Redactor: Iulia Dubceac
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To be useful - is the thought, the feeling that motivates them to risk their lives and fight the flames to save lives. In everyday life, they do agriculture, driving, they are professors, directors, guards, unemployed, businessmen, mayors or bishops. What can gather them together in a team?
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On Sunday, November 19, at 21:35, after a day of comments, live editions and vote polls, we invite you to a special post-referendum edition. We evaluate in real time the figures issued by the Central Electoral Commission (CEC), the atmosphere in the capital, and Dorin Chirtoaca's chances to return to the City Hall.
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