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18 October 2014 | 20:00
Comet passes nearby Mars on Sunday
On Sunday, a comet will pass close to Mars. It is an event that occurs very rarely, once a million years, NASA reported.
According to descopera.ro, the comet, called Siding Spring, has a core diameter of 1.6 km. On October 19, the it will approach to a distance of only 139,500 km off the planet Mars.

NASA astronomers say that there is no risk of an impact, as the comet will pass over with a speed of 200,000 km / h.

However, it will be a great opportunity for researchers to observe the comet’s tail.

Space probes which are orbiting Mars have been repositioned to be safe when the comet will pass. Instead, the little robots on the planet’s surface, Curiosity and Opportunity, will photograph the rare event. NASA will publish the first images in the coming days.

The comet was discovered by Robert McNaught at Siding Spring Observatory in Australia in January 2013, It originated in the Oort cloud, where it started the first time about 5 billion years, and scientists are amazed how these celestial bodies withstands intact for such a long time.

Comet passed Mars first time a million years ago and will come again over another million years.

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