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22 July 2014 | 15:41
U.S. wanted to build a secret base on Moon to surveil Earth
Pentagon was planning to build a secret base on the Moon to surveil the Earth, a decade before the first astronauts walked on the lunar surface, reads a recently declassified document in the United States, ABC News reported.
The report, which was codenamed "Project Horizon", was published on July 20, the day the United States celebrated 45 years since American astronaut Neil Armstrong took the first steps on the moon.

If implemented, this project of the U.S. military would have led to the installation on the Moon of a secret system to surveil Earth. According to ABC News, the project proposed the installation on the a Moon of weapon system that would have allowed the U.S. government to launch projectile weapons not just to Earth, but also in deep space.

Americans wanted also to detonate a nuclear bomb on the moon, or near, to study effects caused by atomic explosion in space. The authors of this report launched a series of speculations about the effects that radiation could have on aliens.

As notifies the site Wired.com in a recent news about the Airlines flight MH17, U.S. Air Defense Support Program currently coordinates a group of satellites on the orbit to monitor all signals indicating the presence of weapons or spacecrafts launched from Earth. The system uses infrared cameras and can detect even the weakest signals of heat.

It was particularly helpful during the first US-Iraq war, when it managed to detect the first signs indicating Scud missiles launches. The system has demonstrated its usefulness again a few days ago when it detected the place wherefrom the projectile was launched that brought down the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 and offered authorities shortly after the plane crash, evidence proving that the aircraft was shot down by a surface-to-air missile, reported descopera.ro.
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