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Historic Data

Short historic presentation of the Broadcasting Company  "Teleradio Moldova"

In 1940-1941, 1944-1946 the radio services were included in the componence of the Radio Committee located at the Soviet of the People s representatives of the MSSR (Moldovan Soviet Socialist Republic). In 1946-1949, this institution is called the Radio Committee at the Soviet of Ministers of MSSR, and in the next 4 years (1949-1953) - Committee for Radio information at the Soviet of Ministers of MSSR.

In 1953-1957, this institution activated in the componence of the Culture Ministry of MSSR as Main Direction for radio information.

The first TV program was broadcast on April, 30, 1958. Initially, the broadcasting volume comprised 2-3 hours per day  (live news, programs and performances of  artistic bands on thin film of 16 and 35 mm) and later on the broadcasting volume has extended up to 18 hours in 1996. Since 2007, the National Broadcaster has been broadcasting non-stop 24 hours a day.

In 1957-1962, the Television and Radio functioned within the Radio and TV Committee of the Soviet of Ministers of MSSR, which has changed in 1962 in the State Committee of the Soviet of Ministers of MSSR for Radio and Television.

In 1978-1990 the institution is titled the State Committee for Radio and television of MSSR, and later on after the events from  1989, for a 4 year period  (1990- 1994) it activated as National Radio and Television.
The state Company "Teleradio-Moldova"" has activated for a period of ten years  (1994-2004).  In 1995, the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova adopted the Law on Audiovisual ,linked to  the problem of Radio and TV  public service. In 2002, the Law on the National Public Institution of the Audiovisual was adopted.

Since August,1 2004, the National Radio and TV, were declared public, called National Public Broadcaster  „Teleradio-Moldova”.


Feodosie Vidraşcu – 1957 - May, 1961

Vladimir Croitoru – September, 1961 - September, 1965

Leonid Culiuc – October, 1965 - May, 1967

Ştefan Lozan – July, 1967 - December, 1989

Adrian Usatîi – December, 1989 - November, 1997

Tudor Olaru – November, 1997 - June, 2000

Iulian Magaleas – June, 2000 - June, 2002

Ion Gonţa – June, 2002 - July, 2003

Artur Efremov – July,  2003 - February,  2004

Ilie Teleşcu – March, 2004 - April, 2007

Valentin Todercan – April, 2007 - February, 2010

Constantin Marin – February,  2010 - December, 2014

Olga Bordeianu - June, 2015 - present

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