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Success stories
13 October 2015 | 12:23
Ana Teaca says that she has been the first Moldovan who emigrated to Switzerland. Longing for parents and native land made her to arrange a real museum of the Moldovan village thousands of kilometers away from home. Although established for over 20 years in one of the richest countries in the world, closer to our protagonist's soul it remains Moldova and her native village - Mingir, Hincesti.
19 August 2015 | 21:33
Anastasia Primov: For me, Moldova means my people living in this country
Anastasia Primov is a communication specialist. She applied for a Master in Spain after she had graduated from the faculty of Law in the Republic of Moldova. She studied migration, conflict and social cohesion, statistics and sociology. Together with a friend, they started a business in communication in Moldova. Why did Anastasia Primov return to Moldova? You will find out details in the story that is part of the campaign “Europe in My Country” launched by the Public Broadcaster Moldova 1.
23 July 2015 | 11:00
Ion Gherciu - Moldovan that bottles Moldovan wine under its own brand in Switzerland
Oenologist, native of Orhei, Republic of Moldova, Ion Gherciu, carries proudly the fame of his country of origin, calling all Moldovan migrants country’s ambassadors. But, unlike other countrymen it makes the passion for Moldovan wines. Thus, Ion Gherciu launched, in Switzerland, the brand "Bessarabia", and under this name, he bottles wine in Switzerland brought from Moldova.
11 June 2015 | 09:21
Moldovan artist in Israel Miriam Gamburd launches an exhibition in Chisinau
Moldovan artist Miriam Gamburd established in Israel, will launch today, June 11, personal exhibition entitled "Vreme sa strangi pietre" at the National Art Museum of Moldova (MNAM).
08 June 2015 | 13:39
Vlaicu Bunduchi breathes life into photographic art
Vlaicu Bunduchi from the Republic of Moldova studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Iasi. He launched a photo exhibition in Romania and he wants to present it to the public from the Republic of Moldova.
02 June 2015 | 13:12
President of an Association of Moldovans in Italy launches today her first book
Eugenia Belibov, president of the Association "Dacia" in Italy, will launch in today, June 2, her first book, in the Italian city of Mestre.
28 May 2015 | 13:00
Cristina Turcu, young who returned home and strive to change the legal system in Moldova
Cristina Turcu, originating from Falesti, Moldova is a young woman who, by her spirit of adventure and daring, breaks the standards of young Moldovans. Portugal, Hungary, Qatar, Russian Federation are some countries where Cristina managed to live. Go ahead and find out what was learned from these adventures and how she is trying to change the situation in Moldova.
22 May 2015 | 10:41
A Moldovan presented her jewels in a fashion festival in France
The designer Olesea Savca from the Republic of Moldova presented her collection of jewelries "SofikO Creations" in the fourth edition of "Fashion Days Strasbourg mood" that takes place these days in France.
15 May 2015 | 09:23
Hamburger " The Moldovan" – main dish of the restaurant opened by a couple of Moldovans in the Netherlands
A couple from the Republic of Moldova launches today their own restaurant in the Netherlands. Alexandru Bivol and Dorina Baltag promised that the guests will be treated to very special dishes, including a meal from the Moldovan cuisine.
13 March 2015 | 13:09
A citizen of the Republic of Moldova became honorary member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts
The PhD in arts study, moldovan Aurelian Danila got the certificate of honorary member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts. This event was held in Salzburg, Austria, in an international conference dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the European Academy of Science and Arts.
26 February 2015 | 16:38
Victoria Stefaniuc, artist puppeteer in Paris
Our folk stories are performed in the French capital. Stefaniuc Victoria, daughter of the late actor Victor Stefaniuc, inherited the passion and talent for acting from his father. Currently, she is activating in Paris. A story on Radio Moldova focused on the way the French audience reacts to plays based on Moldovan stories.
08 February 2015 | 17:16
Jewels of a Moldovan artist appreciated abroad
Her creations are known in Japan, France, Belgium, Great Britain, Finland, Norway, Italy and even in Uganda. Economist by profession, Ana Popov manufactures jewelries. Her works have been recently appreciated by international experts in the specialized exhibition in Paris, Mesager reports.
02 February 2015 | 16:18
Moldovan violinist teaches German children
Often it happens that talented young people from Moldova are applauded on stages abroad. This is the case of a persistent violinists who occupied a deserved place in German society. Beatriz Pavlicenco graduated from the Conservatory of Music in Chisinau, and went to Germany to continue her study in Hamburg. Although, she got married there she is always thinking about her homeland.
28 January 2015 | 13:50
Ecaterina Baranov: It is difficult to make yourself noticed in Moldova
If a musician knows how to bring an important and well developed message, from the the artistic point of view, it is always well received by audiences abroad who need talents. That’s Catherine Baranov’s opinion, a pianist originally from Moldova who successfully plays in the French capital, Paris.

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