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03 July 2017 | 12:58
Electronic commerce in Moldova, subject of talk show "Beyond Figures"
Electronic commerce also comes to life in the Republic of Moldova, although its nationals do not hurry to change the traditional market for online shopping, this new kind of trade being also a niche with potential for entrepreneurs. We discuss this topic with the director of the Association of Businessmen From Moldova, Alexandru Baltag, on Monday, July 3, in a new edition of the talk show "Beyond Figures".
According to a recent study, 69% of the 511 surveyed entrepreneurs said corruption and bribery practices are widespread in Moldovan businesses. What can business do to fight corruption? National and international experts have tried to find answers to this question, and we invite you to see their summaries in detail in the show "Beyond Figures".

At present, the Republic of Moldova is energetically dependent on neighboring states in a proportion of 86%. In the context of the development of a sustainable energy sector, Moldovan entrepreneurs participated in the first Energy Efficiency Forum, organized in Chisinau under the patronage of the Embassy of Italy in the Republic of Moldova. For more details, watch the talk show "Beyond Figures".

Household appliances become indispensable for any household. Refrigerators, washing machines, electric cookers, different in terms of use, brands or power consumption, all have the role of facilitating the someone’s lifestyle. More details on what should we keep in mind when buying household appliances are on Monday, exclusively during the talk show "Beyond Figures".

Watch on Monday, at 19:55, the talk show "Beyond Figures", live on Moldova 1 and online at TRM.MD!
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