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14 June 2017 | 14:23
Crina Andrei, the Moldovan established in India, at "Who's Coming to Us?"
Since being a kid she dreamed to roam the world. After her dreams became reality, Crina Andrei decided that the best place to live for her was ... India. What made her to choose this far-off realm of contrasts, we find today from Crina Andrei during the talk show "Who's Coming to Us?".
Ecaterina Ciobanu is a young singer who won the 1st Prize at the Estonian and Academic Singing Interpretation Contest, 1st edition. No wonder, because Ecaterina is the best student this year in the music school in Tighina. Today, she comes to tell us about music from the perspective of a future career.

TV presenter Lucia Taut visited the cave Emil Racovita from the district of Briceni, one of the largest in the world. She came back with great impressions and is just waiting to share them with us.

Gabriel Nebunu is a 16-year-old who managed to make himself known over the Prut, participating in the show "Romanians have talent". Recently, he became the hero of young people in the Music section and was awarded at the Super Heroes of Moldova Gala. More about the award, we find out from Gabriel.

Notary Viorica Nagacevschi comes to talk about "Sandhya," the second novel and the seventh book signed by her. The novel is "a story of love born after a journey" and embraces in its pages the mystery of the Orient.

Towards the end, the popular musician Valentina Volontir comes to sing and tell about her love for music.

Watch a new edition of "Who's Coming to Us?" on Wednesday (June 14), at 17:45, live on Moldova 1 or online at TRM.MD.
Redactor: Lina Lungu
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