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09 June 2018 | 14:05
How Natalia Prodan succeeds in combining theater and painting, find out on Sunday at "Half an word with Ilona Spataru"
Natalia Prodan is an extremely talented and creative young actress and painter who graduated from the Academy of Music, Theater and Fine Arts and Alexandru Plamadeala College of Fine Arts from Chisinau. How much she likes what she does and how she finds herself in the two genres of art, find out on Sunday, June 10th, starting at 13:15, at the talk show "Half an word with Ilona Spataru."
Invitees of the journalist Ilona Spataru, the actress and painter Natalia Prodan will tell us about her family, what sacrifices she is willing to go for the sake of her husband and future children.

Watch a new edition of the show "Half an word with Ilona Spataru", on Sunday, June 10, at 13:15 live on Moldova 1 or online on TRM.MD.
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