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05 July 2018 | 14:36
Special program about the commemoration day of the deportation victims
Moldova 1 TV channels broadcasts on Friday, July 6, a special program dedicated to the commemoration day of the victims of Stalinism and deportations in Bessarabia and North Bucovina. The program starts at 9:45.
The program includes live reports from the Great National Assembly Square about the events organized by the Government.

Historian Ion Varta and MP Vladimir Hotineanu will speak about deportations.

The second and largest wave of Stalinist deportations in Moldova took place on July 6, 1949, when over 35,000 people were sent to Siberia and Kazakhstan.

The special program is broadcast on Friday, July 6, at 9:45 live on Moldova 1 TV or on-line on TRM.MD.
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