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05 January 2018 | 16:44
TRM 2017 Awards Ceremony, on Sunday on TV Moldova 1
Day after day, every year it leaves behind facts, events, personalities who write history. The TRM team has decided to award those who promote our country abroad. They promote our culture overseas, they strongly recommend us abroad, and when they come home they are the heroes of the programs from Radio Moldova and TV Moldova 1.
We invite you to meet the Laureates of the 2017 TRM Awards Gala on Sunday, January 7, exclusively on TV Moldova 1! The marketing department of IPNA The company "Teleradio-Moldova" keeps n trouch with honorary citizens of the country, who through their activity contributed to the promotion of the Republic of Moldova.

Ion Botnaru and Djulieta Ardovan will invite the title holders: "Man of the Year", "The Company of the Year", "The Savant of the Year", "The Composer of the Century", "The Champion of the Year" and other nominations with impressive stories. Each of them made a great contribution in their activities.

Some have been the ambassadors of culture in the world, promoting music, others have contributed to the progress and innovation of the educational system, or have promoted tourist objectives in the Republic of Moldova, inviting thousands of foreign tourists to visit our country.

Although they represent different areas, they all contribute to the country's development. Do not miss a big day event! Know the personalities who recommend us all around the world and change things well here at home, on Sunday, January 7, at 19:40, exclusively on TV Moldova 1 and online at TRM.MD!
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