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23 December 2014 | 14:30
Moldovan couple in the US: We're not Americans, we are as at station expecting the train home …
"Just parental home beckons you, soothes you ..." so begins a poem by Maria Postolati, the woman for whom the family remains comfort, refuge and dream come true. The love for children and a desire to see the grandchildren for the first time made a couple of Moldovans to settle in the United States of America (USA).
Permutations for the couple Postolati are not new. When Vladimir was a military, the family followed him in the most remote lands, just in Mongolia. Away, homesickness and lost of her mother made our heroine to find refuge in poetry, which most often is addressed to mother and sisters. "My mother was a very talented woman, she knew all the lyrics of Eminescu, she sang when we were young. She taught us to cherish bread, taught us to be proud of the nation of which we came," the poet told.

"As everyone has a mother, so we have a single country. Our roots are where we were born, although you go abroad, one should know that there he is temporal. People go abroad because they lack jobs at home, and they need to support their families, it's hard to make the choice because you are emotionally tied to the place of birth, "added Vladimir.

The desire to be along with children made the couple Postolati to immigrate to the US. "Already at the airport you feel that you are in another world. At home the nature even is beautiful, everything is different ... I'm not saying there are not scenic spots, but it's nice just to admire, your soul is not shuddering as at home. We do not feel Americans, we are as at a station waiting the train home. We bought a house and arranged it in the traditional Moldovan style, I thought I would feel happy ... But abroad, this is a temporary feeling. The place where you were born calls you back," Maria said.

They are Moldovans ... they put on the altar of faith all that is native, they have not stood at the expectations gate, they smiled even when their soul was filled with pain. Now, they are happy, and their happiness bears name of children, grandchildren, a boundless longing for the country. Thus, it is shown the Moldovan couple Postolati in the show "Moldovans everywhere".

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