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03 March 2017 | 15:14
Igor Dodon will meet with Diaspora in Italy
President Igor Dodon is leaving today, March 3, in a private visit to Italy. The head of state made the announcement on Facebook.
"Tuesday, March 7, at the request of a group of Diaspora, I will have a meeting in Padua, with its representatives. We shall discuss organizational issues."

Igor Dodon wrote that he would announce later details about the time and place where he would meet with Diaspora representatives.
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To be useful - is the thought, the feeling that motivates them to risk their lives and fight the flames to save lives. In everyday life, they do agriculture, driving, they are professors, directors, guards, unemployed, businessmen, mayors or bishops. What can gather them together in a team?
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On Sunday, November 19, at 21:35, after a day of comments, live editions and vote polls, we invite you to a special post-referendum edition. We evaluate in real time the figures issued by the Central Electoral Commission (CEC), the atmosphere in the capital, and Dorin Chirtoaca's chances to return to the City Hall.
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