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03 March 2017 | 15:14
Igor Dodon will meet with Diaspora in Italy
President Igor Dodon is leaving today, March 3, in a private visit to Italy. The head of state made the announcement on Facebook.
"Tuesday, March 7, at the request of a group of Diaspora, I will have a meeting in Padua, with its representatives. We shall discuss organizational issues."

Igor Dodon wrote that he would announce later details about the time and place where he would meet with Diaspora representatives.
Redactor: Iulia Dubceac
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57 days of travel and a few euros in the pocket - that's what it takes to discover Europe. Vladislav Pusnei traveled about 4,000 km by bicycle to Portugal. Today, at "Who's Coming to Us?" We will learn from Vladislav Pusnei how that idea came to him and how it seemed to him all the adventure.
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On Tuesday, in the talkshow "Social Dialogue", we are watching the development of dual education in Moldova - a form of organization of vocational education, which is based on a labor contract and combines the professional training organized by an economic operator, with the preparation organized within an educational institution.
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