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Moldovans in the world
08 June 2015 | 10:22
28 Moldovans were banned the access to the Russian Federation last week
28 Moldovan citizens were banned the access to the Russian Federation and other 11 people were deported between June 1 to 7. 13 Moldovan citizens had not access to EU and 9 of them were deported, reports the Border Police.
During the reporting period, 95 people were registered and arrested. They violated the border and migrational legislation of Moldova. A person violated the state border, 26 people have violated the border area regime and the regime at crossing points; 18 people presented false documents.
Also, there were registered three cases of smuggling at state frontier involving three people.
312 235 people and 67,095 cars crossed the state frontier.

Carmelia Albu – Ombudsman of the Public Broadcaster „Teleradio-Moldova”, in the service of community

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Ombudsman is a mediator who handles complaints between a televiewer /radio-listener or a group of people and the Broadcaster. Ombudsman replies to the questions of TV viewers and Radio-listeners, receives and reviews complaints from people.

“Ombudsman” was first used in its modern sense in 1809 when the Swedish Parliament established the office of Justitieombudsman, who was to look after citizens’ interests in their dealings with government.

Later, in 1988, a similar service was established in media in France. It was a real "explosion” that caused the appearance of similar services in other world countries.
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