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22 April 2018 | 10:10
The life and artistic activity of master Nicolae Botgros blended harmoniously into a new book, a monograph, signed by the journalist and performer Veta Ghimpu-Munteanu. The famous Nicolae Botgros and Veta Ghimpu-Munteanu came to the show "Who's Coming to Us?" to talk about the emotions generated by the impressive anthology.
11 March 2018 | 12:05
Oleg Dontu - the young performer fascinated by folklore
Oleg Dontu is the popular musician who promotes and perpetuates home traditions. The artist was surprised by the Good Morning of the Weekend team, where he talked about his passion for folk music, but also about his new play, dedicated to all mothers.
14 September 2017 | 11:36
Band „DoReDoS”, winners of „Novaia Volna” contest
Band „DoReDoS” that represented Moldova in the current edition of the international music contest „Novaia Volna” received the maximum points from the jury on the last day of the contest and they won.
09 May 2017 | 14:39
Band O-Zone performed in Chisinau
The band O-Zone performed in Chisinau after a 12-year break. Dan Balan, Arsenie Todiras and Radu Sirbu sang together today in front of thousands of people in a concert held in the Great National Assembly Square, on the occasion of the Victory Day and Europe Day.
09 December 2016 | 15:08
Ioana Capraru performed a new song at „Buna dimineata”
Ioana Capraru participated today in the show “Buna dimineata”. She performed the song „Vreau să-ţi cânt, măicuţă” that was written by Vasile Botnaru, and composed by Vladimir Serbusca.
26 October 2016 | 18:31
Paulina Zavtoni is celebrating her 75th birthday
Know actress of the Republican theater "Luceafarul", Paulina Zavton, People's Artist, celebrates today, 26 October, the 75th birthday, Moldpres reported.
13 October 2016 | 15:50
DJ Andrew Rayel comes to Moldova 1 TV
Andrew Rayel is one of the best 100 DJs worldwide and participates in the most important festivals of electronic music. In 2014, he was awarded title of „Ambassador of Tourism of the Republic of Moldova”. DJ Andrew Rayel is the guest of today’s show „Buna Dimineata” on Moldova 1.
05 September 2016 | 16:30
Life stories with director Valeriu Jereghi at "Good Morning"
Life stories inspire us, motivating to go through hard times, to cherish what we have. What impressive memories and stories has the known director Valeriu Jereghi are in the show "Buna Dimineata" (Good Morning).
15 July 2016 | 14:45
Singer Nina Ermurache comes to the show “Buna dimineata” on Moldova 1 TV
On her birthday, marked today July 15, folk singer Nina Ermurache participates in the show “Buna dimineata”. She performs 2 songs from her repertory. The team of the show congratulated her and offered a bouquet of flowers and conveyed good wishes from people who listen to her creations.
09 July 2016 | 21:00
Sophia Loren becomes honorary citizen of Naples
Sophia Loren has become an honorary citizen of Naples, the southern Italian city she grew up in, Mesager reports.
05 July 2016 | 20:01
Ecaterina Spanu launched a summer song at TV show "Buna dimineata"
Young singer Ecaterina Spanu launched the song titled “In pas cu vara”. She collaborated with Veaceslav Deniliuc who wrote the music and Andrei Hadjiu created the text.
29 April 2016 | 13:47
Lidia Isac launches the video of the song “Falling Stars” on Moldova 1 TV
Representative of the Republic of Moldova in Eurovision Song Contest 2016 Lidia Isac launched the video of the song “Falling Stars” in premiere at the show “Buna dimineata”. She will represent our country at Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm, Sweden.
19 April 2016 | 17:26
National Theatre "Mihai Eminescu" announces several premieres this weekend
Actors of the National Theatre "Mihai Eminescu” will perform several premieres this weekend. The director of the theatrical troupe Petru Hadarca speaks about the agenda of the National Theatre, surprises prepared by the actors of the National Theatre, actor-spectator relationship, the beauty of this job and the importance of theatre for Petru Hadarca. All these, you will find out in the interview for “Buna dimineata”.
16 March 2016 | 14:34
Former King Mihai of Romania released from hospital
Former King Mihai of Romania has been released from a Swiss hospital on Tuesday in stable condition. The King has reached his private residence, where he will be kept under surveillance by the clinic’s team of physicians, alongside the family doctors, Moldova 1 TV reports.

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