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01 June 2017 | 12:57
Agricultural School in Cucuruzeni: history and topicality
The agricultural school in Cucuruzeni, called the Sorbonne of Moldova, is no longer, but the memories of those who have taught here, agronomists, professors, scholars, academics are historical and topical. Radio Moldova invites you, on Saturday (June 3) to hear a new Radio Documentary on this subject.
In 2011, the late academician Simion Toma was telling Tatiana Fiser, the author of the documentary, how he learned in Cucuruzeni: "The school had good fame, all the surrounding peasants sent their pupils to learn agronomy at Cucuruzeni because there were special specialists. The institution had elite professors, some with the faculty in Iasi, but also an impressive experimental base: agricultural land and equipment, orchards, vineyards, mill, wine cellar, irrigation ponds. Hearing all of this, in 1950, after my graduation from my native village of Mirzaci, I said that I had to get to Cucuruzeni Agricultural School. The desire to learn there was so great that I walked there passing a distance of 32 km."

The Agricultural School in Cucuruzeni, activated for 119 years, opened for the first time on 1 May 1893.

Tune on Radio Moldova or listen online at TRM.MD, June 3, starting at 09:40.
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