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17 March 2017 | 16:30
Artist who transforms ordinary carpets in art
Journalist Zina Izbas invites you to a new edition of the talk show "Age of memories, accomplishments’ age" on Sunday, March 19, starting at 9:05 p.m.. The protagonist of the show is Tudosia Mihaila from the village of Dascova, Orhei, creator of unique carpets made entirely by hand on vertical looms.
From her, we will try to find out how she managed to make an art from ordinary carpets. Tudosia Mihaila tells us about her life’s occupation. Hand-woven carpet has a special role in our tradition, says the heroine of the show.

More details from whom she inherited that habit that she transformed into a true life passion, as well as how she managed to instill the love for such a craft to our generations, are on Sunday, March 19, on Radio Moldova and online at TRM.MD.
Redactor: Ionela Golban
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