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14 August 2018 | 12:43
Advantages and disadvantages of air conditioners
In the summer, when heat becomes unbearable, air conditioning is a necessity for the comfort and efficiency of the population, both at work, at home or in the car. However, if used incorrectly, air conditioners can do more harm than good, Radio Moldova News reports.
Abusively used at very low temperatures and without proper maintenance, the air conditioner contributes to the emergence of many health problems. It should be checked and cleaned annually, and the difference between outside and room temperature should not be too high, says Valentina Zagnipco, a health care professional at the National Public Health Agency.

"In case of incorrect maintenance, there can be accumulated bags, bacteria, which may cause some allergic diseases or can aggravate chronic respiratory diseases such as rhinitis, pharyngitis or can cause lung disease. For lens carriers it can cause a dry eye, may lead to conjunctivitis. Sudden changes in temperature could weaken the body," said Valentina Zagnipco.

In summer, air conditioners are on increased demanding by those who hardly cope with outside temperatures. But there are people who, for health reasons, are not using this mode of air cooling. And some, and others have their own reasons.

"I isolated the apartment and I do not need it. It's good, but filters need to be cleaned, it helps when it's hot. We do not use them because of the kids. My head hurts from the air conditioning, I can not resist. In the car, I leave the window slightly opened, the same inside the house. I'm trying to combine it with the outside air. I had a fever, it hurts my back," people said.

In order to avoid health problems and to avoid the heat shock effect caused by the high temperature differences in the hot days, specialists recommend that the difference between the temperature outside the room and the interior be only 5-6℃.
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