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18 January 2014 | 07:30
Caffeine May Improve Memory
That cup of coffee in the morning may improve long-term memory, according to a new study carried out by researchers from University Johns Hopkins from Baltimore, United States.
The study  found that participants who had been given caffeine pills had better memory recall.

Half the participants were given a caffeine pill after that classification, the other half a placebo. One day later, all the participants were shown the same pictures, as well as some they hadn’t seen before. They were asked whether each photo was new, old or similar to the originals.

While both groups were able to distinguish between old and new pictures, the researchers discovered that the participants who took the caffeine pills were better at determining which pictures were similar to the first round.
More details on this study, you can see from this video. 

Carmelia Albu – Ombudsman of the Public Broadcaster „Teleradio-Moldova”, in the service of community

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Ombudsman is a mediator who handles complaints between a televiewer /radio-listener or a group of people and the Broadcaster. Ombudsman replies to the questions of TV viewers and Radio-listeners, receives and reviews complaints from people.

“Ombudsman” was first used in its modern sense in 1809 when the Swedish Parliament established the office of Justitieombudsman, who was to look after citizens’ interests in their dealings with government.

Later, in 1988, a similar service was established in media in France. It was a real "explosion” that caused the appearance of similar services in other world countries.
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