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09 August 2015 | 15:19
Schoolbag- a potential danger for pupils’ spine
Spinal deformities, impaired posture or disability - these are some of the risks the children experience when they carry heavy and uncomfortable schoolbags. Doctors warn parents to carefully choose this school accessory. That's because in 2014 every fourth child was diagnosed with scoliosis.
Doctor in vertebrology, Nicolae Sauga said that the inappropriate schoolbags can seriously affect the spine. He recommended parents to choose schoolbags that do not endanger the health of children.
Students realize the danger when they carry inappropriate schoolbags. They say that the school bags should be both beautiful and should not affect the spine.
Currently, there are about 10 thousand children suffering from scoliosis in the Republic of Moldova. 
Redactor: Svetlana Cojocaru

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