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04 May 2018 | 13:47
The number of cases of acute diarrhea diseases and intoxication, increasing during the warm period of the year
Annually, about 20,000 cases of acute diarrheal diseases occur in the Republic of Moldova, including up to 20 deaths in children under the age of five. At the same time, due to the intense population migration, the high risk of indigenous and import cholera cases is maintained. Doctors warn that during the hot season of the year acute diarrheal diseases and dietary intoxications are more common and suggest people to follow some simple precautionary rules, Radio Moldova News reports.
High temperatures during the warm season of the year favor the intense multiplication of microorganisms. Thus there is a seasonal increase in the number of cases of acute diarrheal diseases such as dysentery, salmonellosis or viral etiology infections. The epidemiologist at the National Public Health Agency, Vladimir Sliusari, claims that the source of infection for some diarrheal diseases may be a sick person, birds and rodents.

"These diseases are transmitted through three pathways: food pathway, waterway and habits. The incubation period varies from a few hours to seven days," said Vladimir Sliusari.

According to the head physician of the Chisinau Public Health Center, Luminita Suveica, it is important to know and observe some simple precautionary rules to avoid illness with acute diarrheal diseases.

"We have to buy the products only from safe places, let's look at the shelf life. Lightly altered products should be stored in a refrigerator. Personal hygiene, hand wash is also very important. Fruits and vegetables must be washed under running water," said Luminita Suveica.

Specialists also urge people to see the family doctor at the first signs of poisoning, in serious cases call the ambulance and in no case administer self-treatment.
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