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26 January 2017 | 12:23
Scholarships for students from Moldova, granted by the Hungarian Government
Moldovan young people can apply for scholarships to universities in Hungary. This year, the government in Budapest offers a total of 30 scholarships for Moldovan students. This was announced today, January 26, by the Hungarian Ambassador to Moldova, Mátyás Szilágyi, Radio Moldova reported.
"The government in Budapest offers 30 scholarships to Moldovan citizens for the entire period of the university study. A total of 15 scholarships for undergraduates, ten for masters and five for doctoral studies," said the Hungarian Ambassador to Moldova, Mátyás Szilágyi.

According to the Hungarian Ambassador, overall, in Hungary, there are 25 universities receiving students from abroad, including from Moldova. "The main areas that are most requested, mostly by students from Moldova, are related to agriculture, natural sciences, engineering sciences, international and European science. Courses are mostly in English, German and French," said the Hungarian Ambassador in Chisinau.

Those interested can access all the information on the website Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship program and to submit their applications to the Ministry of Education until March 5.
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Today, at 15:00, the public television station, Moldova 1, organizes the National Telemarathon "In the arms of the mother", a charity event organized together with the Social Mission "Diaconia". The event aims to support minor mothers, orphan or from other risk groups.
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The Benefits of the National Youth Economic Empowerment Program will be discussed in a new issue of the Public Spaces at Radio Moldova on Monday, December 18, starting at 10:15.
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