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17 August 2016 | 16:21
Two tourism associations on both banks of River Nistru have established a partnership
National Receiver Tourism Association of Moldova in partnership with the Regional Development Agency of Transnistria have established a partnership to improve the tourism offer.
Tourism associations will collaborate on a project which will be implemented between July 2016 - November 2017, time when owners and managers of rural guesthouses, hotels, travel agencies, wineries, craft centers, museums, and guides will participate in joint trainings. Activities that will take place both on the right and left banks of the River Nistru include training workshops, development of tourist routes to attractions on both sides and their promotion in international exhibitions.

It will also be created a Tourist Information Centre in Chisinau, which will serve as a platform to promote business in this realm.

The Project "Strengthening tourist business relations on both banks of the River Nistru by developing sustainable partnerships" is conducted under the European project of confidence building between the people on both sides of the river, implemented by the UNDP.
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Annually, on November 17, it is marked the International Day without Smoking. Tonight, at "Who's Coming to Us?" we talk about the effects of smoking on health, smoking prevention among adolescents. Doctor Ion Cuzuioc will tell us a few ways to quit smoking and will explain why electronic smoking is not as harmless as stipulated.
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Interpreter Adriana Ochişanu has released a new song, "My Years", which you can hear for the first time today at "Who's Coming to Us?". Also in the same show, we will ask the interpreter about tours abroad and diaspora meetings, in the context of her recent show in Ireland. Tune on TV Moldova 1 at 18:05.
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