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31 December 2016 | 09:18
Ministry of Health comes with recommendations for winter holidays
In the context of the winter holidays, the Ministry of Health urges people to be cautious and take care of their own health, particularly to avoid abusive consumption of alcoholic beverages and foods high in fat.
Health experts recommend us eat carefully roasted food product with a high fat content and difficult to digest. Failure to comply can cause serious health problems, such as cholecystitis and pancreatitis crises.

The Ministry of Health warns that excessive consumption of spirits affects the body, slows the functionality of the central nervous system, causing loss of control,  making the person aggressive and uncontrollable. Alcohol poisoning have extremely serious effects such as violent vomiting, extreme sleepiness, unconsciousness, breathing difficulty, palpitations and even death.

In 2016, 859 people were poisoned from drinking too much alcohol. Also, approximately 220 people from a thousand fall ill with acute cholecystitis, while about 40 from one thousand are sick of pancreatitis.
Redactor: Rodica Mazur
Moldova 1
Today, in the talk show "Who's Coming to Us?", we will only talk about Chişinău, the biggest and most beautiful city in the country. This year, the heart and soul of the Republic of Moldova marks 582 years. On this occasion, Kătălina Rusu comes with a song dedicated to Chisinau, the city where she grew up.
Radio Moldova
She is said to have a voice without age. Artist of the People, worked as a radio reporter at Radio Moldova, presented radio and television programs. We are talking about Mariana Bahnaru, who is invited to the 30th edition of the Press Club from the studio "Tineradio" and "Children's Time" from Radio Moldova.
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