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07 August 2018 | 14:52
Moldovan woman wounded in explosion in Bologna
A Moldovan woman is among the wounded persons in the Bologna accident. The woman came by herself at a hospital from the district where she received medical treatment, Mesager reports.
According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Moldova, the Italian authorities informed about it the consulate of Moldova in Milan.

A Romanian truck driver was injured in the explosion.

At least two people were killed and up to 70 injured in a huge explosion after two trucks collided on a motorway in Bologna.The crash, in the Borgo Panigale district of the north Italian city, sent a massive fireball billowing into the sky.Italian media said a lorry carrying cars collided on a bridge with another tanker lorry containing inflammable materials.

Redactor: Rodica Mazur
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Interpreter Adriana Ochişanu has released a new song, "My Years", which you can hear for the first time today at "Who's Coming to Us?". Also in the same show, we will ask the interpreter about tours abroad and diaspora meetings, in the context of her recent show in Ireland. Tune on TV Moldova 1 at 18:05.
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On November 10, 1978, a new tab in the history of folk music begins, the re-establishment of the "Lăutarii" orchestra, having as conductor Nicolae Botgros, who had previously acted as a violinist in the ensemble "Mugurel", then in the Orchestra of the Folk Ensemble of Chops and Dances". An interview of Master Nicolae Botgros, offered exclusively for Radio Moldova, can be heard on Sunday, November 11 at the talk show "La vatra jocului".
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