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21 January 2017 | 10:13
People around the world mark the National Hugging Day
Today, January 21, it is marked the International Day of Hugs. According to tradition, on this day, anyone can embrace even strangers. The holiday first appeared in the United States in 1986, and soon spread worldwide, Radio Moldova News reported.
International Hug Day, as it is called today's feast, is marked in January, as studies show that this is one of the most depressing times of the year. Researches show that hugs are beneficial to health, helping strengthen immunity and lower the risk of heart disease.

Psychologists explain the existence of such celebrations by the fact that people need affection, safety, love and spiritual comfort.
Redactor: Ecaterina Naconecinîi
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The Romanian language is very rich in folk expressions and proverbs, which are a reflection of the thinking of our nation. Although many popular words are forgotten, we no longer know or ignore them, preferring the English, they can not be replaced or translated into other languages. Aliona Zgardan-Crudu, PhD, arrives tomorrow at Good Morning of the Week to convince us of the power of the people's words.
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Spring 2018, brings with it new house-building tendencies. How to change the interior of our house chromatically, so that it will come to life, says designer Adelina Iucal, on Saturday, March 17th, starting at 8:00 am during the Good Morning of the Weekend talk show.
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