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04 July 2018 | 11:01
Over 200 children from Moldova will participate in the official opening of the "ARC" Camp Program in Sulina
More than 200 children from the districts of the Republic of Moldova will participate today in the official opening of the "ARC" camp program from Sulina (Romania), 2018 edition, dedicated to the Centenary of the Great Union. The event will take place at the Leisure Center Camp in Sulina, Tulcea county, starting with 12:00, in the presence of representatives of the Romanian Government.
The program is addressed to ethnic Romanians living abroad, namely pupils, young people, students from countries around Romania and the Balkans: Serbia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Ukraine, Moldova including the transnistrian region, Albania, the Republic of Macedonia, Croatia, as well as Romanians from Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Greece, Canada, United States of America.

The ARC camp program aims to create and maintain links between Romanian citizens and ethnics in different countries, to provide knowledge about Romanian culture and civilization and to promote the values ​​of the Romanian cultural heritage.

 "ARC" is part of the Governance Program 2018-2020.


Redactor: Mihaela Bucătari
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Annually, on November 17, it is marked the International Day without Smoking. Tonight, at "Who's Coming to Us?" we talk about the effects of smoking on health, smoking prevention among adolescents. Doctor Ion Cuzuioc will tell us a few ways to quit smoking and will explain why electronic smoking is not as harmless as stipulated.
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Interpreter Adriana Ochişanu has released a new song, "My Years", which you can hear for the first time today at "Who's Coming to Us?". Also in the same show, we will ask the interpreter about tours abroad and diaspora meetings, in the context of her recent show in Ireland. Tune on TV Moldova 1 at 18:05.
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