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08 April 2017 | 18:06
Invasive aesthetic procedures will be carried out only by persons with medical education
Ministry of Health will ban people without medical training to carry out invasive aesthetic procedures, neither to inject hazardous substances. To this end, it was established a working group to evaluate the service of cosmetology and aesthetic medicine in Moldova.
The working group includes 19 people, representatives of the Ministry of Health doctors in medical science in the field of dermatology and directors of medical centers authorized in aesthetic medicine. Specialists will evaluate the service of cosmetology and aesthetic medicine by the end of April.

Minister of Health Ruxanda Glavan took the decision after several women complained of side effects resulting from intervention of specialists without medical education.

Following evaluation of cosmetology and aesthetic medicine service, the working group will develop a document that will regulate the field of cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. The paper will determine the powers and responsibilities of persons who may carry out invasive aesthetic procedures. This will allow the Ministry of Health to verify the quality of services in the field of aesthetic medicine.
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One of the biggest events in the country is the Youth Festival, organized for and by young people. The festival is attended by representatives from several regions of the country, young people from different social categories, including those with low opportunities. About the edition of the tour of the festival we are discussing today at "Who's Coming to Us?" with Valeriu Dragalin, President of the National Youth Council from Moldova and Roman Banari, Vice-President of the Council.
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Parliament Speaker Andrian Candu is invited to Radio Moldova's " Loc de Dialog" show today, August 7, starting with 18:10.
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