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30 May 2017 | 09:27
Moldovan agri-food products will be promoted in Minsk
22 local companies specialized in winemaking, fruits and vegetables processing, beekeeping and bakery will promote their products at the International Specialized Exhibition "Belagro" within a country stand, funded by Moldova Export and Investment Promotion Organization, Radio Moldova reports.
The event will take place from 6 to 10 June 2017 in Minsk, Belarus.
This year's edition of the exhibition will be attended by the Prime Minister of Moldova, Pavel Filip, who will pay an official visit to the Republic of Belarus. In addition to the exhibition, the event will include a series of meetings with representatives of official delegations.
Redactor: Ecaterina Naconecinîi
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Preparations for next year's parliamentary elections will be organized under a new electoral system: the mixed one. Now the constituencies are being created, which is an absolutely new process for the Republic of Moldova. Today, at the Moldova Live broadcast, on the public television station, we are debating the issue of electoral constituencies.
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The interpreter Aurel Chirtoaca is a fulfilled and proud father with a boy and two little girls. We will talk about the "fatherly" job, with sacrifices, weights and joy, today, on the couch in the talk show "Who's Coming to Us?". Aurel Chirtoaca will tell us how he manages to combine career and family life.
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