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07 November 2018 | 10:54
The first tourist complex with Gagauzian specific from Republic of Moldova was launched on 6 November 2018 in Congaz village, Comrat district. Besides four traditional peasants’ houses with walls made of clay and roofs made of reed, the ethno-tourist complex “Gagauz Sofrasi” hosts a museum, cellar, national style restaurant with terrace, as well as a mini-hotel and an events’ hall.
31 October 2018 | 10:01
Six tourist routes created in Orheiul Vechi cultural-natural reservation
Six tourist routes with a length of four to 23 km crossing four localities of the Orheiul Vechi cultural-natural reservation were set up for pedestrians and bikers. The routes enable noticing over 100 species of birds. Three of the routes are in the valley of the Răut River – one in the meadow and two in the forests, IPN reports.
02 August 2018 | 17:07
Cappadocia- the amazing region of Turkey
Famous for its unique rock formations and amazing hot air ballooning opportunities, the otherworldly landscapes of Cappadocia are one of Turkey’s most popular natural wonders. Unusual honeycombed boulders rise from the plateau of Central Anatolia and have, over the centuries, served as the backdrop for a history equally as fascinating.
16 July 2018 | 12:50
The world's cleanest lake is in New Zealand (VIDEO)
A gorgeous landscape with a man-free nature on an island in New Zealand captures the attention of travelers. With wood relics, cliffs and stunning waterfalls, there, in the middle of the mountains, is the lake with the world's cleanest water - the Blue Lake.
12 June 2018 | 17:12
Visit the Philipines: This should be your next destination
An archipelago of more than seven thousand islands, The Philippines earns its place as the fourth most beautiful country in Southeast Asia. The island of Palawan is one of the most picturesque spots, with azure waterways flowing between vast rocky cliffs that drop sheer to the water. For some otherworldly beauty, head to the “Chocolate Hills” on Bohol, an undulating landscape of 40-metre-high grassy mounds.
08 June 2018 | 16:50
Sassi di Matera - a town where people live in caves for over 9,000 years
Sassi di Matera is a magnificent town in southern Italy, the Basilicata region. It is a renowned settlement for rock houses called "sassi" and is a perfect destination for summer holidays.
28 May 2018 | 15:04
Lefkada - a paradise in the heart of the Ionian Sea
We are approaching the holiday season and if you have not chosen a destination, we recommend the island of Lefkada, which is considered the Caribbean of Greece. Lefkada is a heavenly corner in the heart of the Ionian Sea and attracts millions of tourists every year, eager to enjoy the beaches and objectives offered.
29 January 2018 | 14:01
Most of the tourists visiting Ukraine are Moldovans
The foreign citizens who visited Ukraine most often in 2017 were from the Republic of Moldova (4.5 million), Belarus (2.7 million) and Russia (1.5 million) – shows a ranking compiled by the Border Service in Kiev, quoted by Radio Romania.
09 November 2017 | 12:23
Chisinau launches its first Tourist Information Center
The first Tourist Information Center (TIC) was launched today in Chisinau. The Center is located at Chisinau City Hall and the tourists coming to Moldova will find out all details of their stay, Radio Moldova reports.
15 August 2017 | 12:00
Greek island declares wildfires emergency
Authorities in Greece have declared a state of emergency on the island of Zakynthos where wildfires are burning for a fourth day.
23 May 2017 | 15:05
Moldova among the top 10 places to visit in Europe in 2017
Moldova ranked 8 in top ten attractive places in Europe for summer, according to Lonely Planet, informs the Tourism Agency in Moldova.
04 January 2017 | 12:43
Code yellow of snow and frost in Romania
Warning for Moldovans who intend to celebrate Old Style Christmas in Romania. Temperatures will drop to minus 25 degrees Celsius in Romania in the days to come, Moldova 1 TV reports.
20 August 2016 | 14:20
Local sights have become attractive in the first half of this year
Local sights have become attractive in the first half of 2016 for over 16,000 Moldovans. The Republic of Moldova has become interesting for almost 6,000 foreign tourists and excursions, TV Moldova 1 reported.
17 August 2016 | 16:21
Two tourism associations on both banks of River Nistru have established a partnership
National Receiver Tourism Association of Moldova in partnership with the Regional Development Agency of Transnistria have established a partnership to improve the tourism offer.
21 July 2016 | 10:19
Moldova and Romania signed an agreement on tourism development and promotion
Moldova and Romania will develop and promote joint tourism products, based on an agreement signed between the National Association for Inbound Tourism in Moldova and the similar institution in Romania, Radio Moldova reports.

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