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04 January 2017 | 12:43
Code yellow of snow and frost in Romania
Warning for Moldovans who intend to celebrate Old Style Christmas in Romania. Temperatures will drop to minus 25 degrees Celsius in Romania in the days to come, Moldova 1 TV reports.
Sudden frost up to minus 20 degrees Celsius will be recorded in Cluj-Napoca, Brasov, Sibiu and Baia Mare.

Also, it will snow in Transylvania. Drivers who intend to cross mountain areas should prepare for traffic in winter conditions.

The frost will gradually expand until Sunday throughout Romania.
Redactor: Ecaterina Naconecinîi
Moldova 1
Thursday, July 12, Parliament Speaker Andrian Candu comes to talk about new projects targeting the Republic of Moldova in a Special Edition, which will be broadcast live on TV Moldova 1 public television station.
Moldova 1
EU started a new european project aimed at boosting the economic development of Moldovan settlements. More details about this project you can find out in the show “Vector European”, that starts today, July 9 at 19:55.
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