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07 July 2016 | 21:00
A Million Join Pamplona's Annual Bull-Running Festival
The streets of Pamplona became a sea of red as thousands of revellers turned out for the annual Running of the Bulls festival, Mesager reports.
The bullruns, which happen between 7th and 14th July every year, see hundreds of people run in front of six bulls and six steers which guide them along the narrow streets of Pamplona for half a mile.
Thousands of jubilant Spaniards packed into the main square decked-out in traditional white outfits and waving red neckerchiefs and flags in the air as the festivities got underway.

Every year hundreds of participants are injured by the bulls, and 15 people have died during the runs, with the latest fatality occurring in 2009.
Redactor: Violeta Gorun

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