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25 August 2014 | 16:59
Most expensive cities in Europe
London is the most expensive city in Europe in terms of cultural activities, such as ballet, opera, classical music and visiting historic monuments, while Warsaw is the cheapest, according to a study cited by independent.co.uk.
The new survey by Post Office Travel Money analyzed cultural activities in 12 cities in Europe.

While visiting a museum, an art gallery, a historical monument or attending a classical music concert costs in London 256.25 pounds for two persons, in the Polish capital, these activities are just 69 65 pounds.

Prices may reflect the most recent status of London, considered the most popular city in the world for tourists. According to a survey, whose results were published in May, in 2013, 16.8 million people visited London, having spent over 11.2 billion pounds. According to the new study, prices fell in London in recent years. A similar study was conducted in 2009 when prices were higher. At that time, a cultural package cost 326 pounds, which means that those interested in cultural activities paid 27 percent more than they pay this year.

Researchers compared the prices people pay for cultural activities in 12 cities in Europe. Thus, after Warsaw, which was designated the least expensive European city for cultural activities, it comes Budapest (£ 80.35), Prague (£ 92.59) and Dublin (£ 102.31) .

At the opposite end of the table, after London, considered the most expensive city in terms of its cultural activities, it comes Paris (251.65 pounds), followed by Barcelona (241.58 pounds) and Amsterdam (223.19 pounds), according to descopera.ro.

However, the study also included the cities of Vienna (223.1 pounds), Moscow (192.5 pounds), Berlin (153.83 pounds) and Rome (132.01 pounds).

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